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Bikers Rally – Quit Tobacco Campaign – 2009
April 30, 2016
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Rehabilitation Of Jobless Diamond Workers – 2008
April 30, 2014

Viral Desai, the successful young entrepreneur and a youth icon. Born on 6th June 1978, the apple of the eyes of his loving and doting parents Sudhir and Sandhya. His transformation from his childhood days was apparently visible. The pics here shows us the transformation he went through to become what he is today. Right from his childhood days he was found to be enterprising and ready to help everyone.

Viral Desai completed his MBA in Marketing Management and took charge as CEO of Zenitex at a tender age of 25 years. He tied the Nuptial Knot with Sonali Jariwala whom he had known since his college days. Sonali Jariwala herself has done MBA Finance. The well-known quote “Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman” aptly fits here for Sonali and Viral. This Lovely couple is blessed with a Darling Princess Daughter named “Jeeya” who is an Angel for her parents, for others in the family and friends alike.

With the philosophy that Viral Desai adheres to, i.e. “A Business That Makes Nothing But Money Is A Poor Business”, imbibes in all the responsibilities towards the society in which live and as he believes “Whatever we do, be it Business or Social Service. We should do it with our hearts” and this feeling of love and giving has given birth to the Social Responsibility / Community Welfare initiative named “Hearts@work" Foundation.
Viral Desai believes in taking care of nature and assures that nature has its distinct way of returning the favours and he humbly attributes his success as God’s blessings and nature’s way of giving back.
He is quite keen on preserving the environment and is active in Green initiatives in whichever way it is possible. Viral Desai supports Green Energy and has also implemented measures in his own business as a part of Energy Conservation drive. According to him, “Future is Green and without Green there is No Future!”


  • Colour - Green
  • Book - The Alchemist
  • Sport – Basketball, Body Building
  • Food – Italian & Lebanese
  • Personality – Albert Einstein; Mahatma Gandhi
  • Movie – The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Time of the Day - Sunrise