Hearts@work Pays Tribute To Shri Sudhirbhai K. Desai (S.K.)

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In continuation to paying homage and tribute to Shri Sudhir K. Desai (S.K.)…
September 9, 2016
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PROJECT – 2 : “CLEAN INDIA – GREEN INDIA” Campaign By Hearts@work
September 7, 2016

Hearts@work family pays homage and tribute in a Special way to Shri Sudhir K. Desai (S.K.) who left us for His Heavenly Abode on Monday, 15th August 2016.

Shri Sudhir K. Desai was the force behind the formation of Hearts@work Foundation. His passion and energy to help others and his love and affection for the kids has always been a driving force for Hearts@work Foundation.

On Friday, 26th August 2016, On the Day of Janmasthami, Birthday of LORD KRISHNAAA, Hearts@work team along with Mr. Viral S. Desai (Son of Shri Sudhir K. Desai) visited V. R. Popawala Children Home (Orphanage) and distributed Lunch (Domino’s Pizzas, Cold Drinks) to the kids there. It was a special feeling for the entire Hearts@work, family to be a part of this.

“Amidst this pleasant atmosphere, we stumbled upon grief in the form of bundles of Joy”. Three infants were also dwelling in the orphanage one was around 1 ½ year old who would be leaving for Italy where she had been approved for adoption, 2nd one was also around 1 year of age and the 3rd one was only 7 days from birth. It was a heart wrenching site wherein we saw an unfortunate soul was left to survive at the doors of the Orphanage immediately after his birth. We really feel sorry for these infants who were still in their breastfeeding age. We understand that nothing can replace the warmth of a Mother and the protection of a Father, both of which were absent for them, in our attempt to be of some help, we did provide them some Milk and arranged for diapers for the little babies.

The other children were very happy and some of them cited that “we do get lunch treats regularly from people coming from outside. However, Pizza was something we were missing and wishing since a long time.” This fulfillment of the kids gave a pleasant satisfaction to Mr. Viral and Mr. Kunal along with the full Hearts@work team alike.

We would like to mention Special Thanks to Domino’s Pizza, Surat for their kind support.

Thanks & Regards
Team VIRAL DESAI-Hearts@work
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"Hearts@work Pays Tribute to Shri Sudhir K. Desai (S.K.)"


26th August 2016, Friday


V. R. Popawala Children Home, Surat.