PROJECT – 2 : “CLEAN INDIA – GREEN INDIA” Campaign By Hearts@work

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Hearts@work Pays Tribute To Shri Sudhirbhai K. Desai (S.K.)
September 9, 2016
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World Environment Day – 2016
June 5, 2016


The festival of Tree Plantations which was launched with the campaign of “CLEAN INDIA – GREEN INDIA” By Hearts@work Foundation, on 5th June 2016 – “World Environment Day” at V. R. Popawala Children’s Home, Surat, Gujarat (called as PROJECT – 1 : 1 Site) by planting 200 trees and which is intended to last for one full year, was celebrated on Friday, 17th June 2016 at 8 Sites in PROJECT – 2, in and around Maroli, Gujarat, India. It was planned to coincide with the Birthday of the Pioneer of Green Mumbai Movement, Padmashree - Shree Nana Chudasama. New Plantations of 1850 Trees was successfully done in PROJECT – 2 of “CLEAN INDIA – GREEN INDIA” campaign at 8 different sites beginning on 17th June 2016, Friday.

450 Students of Mahuvar Prathmik Shala, Maroli, participated with pomp and fervour in the tree plantation drive. The enthusiasm of the kids and the local volunteers along with Giants Group Members and Hearts@work team was a formidable mix for a marathon effort in the direction to a Green Future.

Before the plantations began, all the students and present volunteers and members and officials from Forest Department who were present for the programme, were served Snacks along with Soft Drinks. It is always an enjoyable moment to mix with the students and cherish and relive our own schooling days. Like some of them getting up early and getting ready to perfection to attend the school, while a few waking up from the bed and straightway walking to the classrooms.

In PROJECT – 2, a total of 700 Trees were planned at 8 sites by Hearts@work. However, the interest shown by the locals and their enthusiastic and tireless dedication persuaded Hearts@work to arrange for more trees immediately and thus reached the charming figure of 1000 trees by the end of the day. The tree plantation programme started from early morning and lasted till 7:30pm in the evening.

It gives us a rush of adrenaline to state here that, again after one day, on Sunday 19th June 2016, Hearts@work received another request for 850 more trees to be planted on the aforementioned 8 sites. These were distributed on Monday 20th June 2016. The diligent youngsters of Maroli, Daanti and adjoining areas along with the able Members of Giants Group Maroli and the ever willing Team Zenitex-Hearts@work, is turning this campaign in to super success.

Zenitex whose initiative is Hearts@work, delivered a total of 300 tree guards along with the trees on 17th June 2016, and as informed us, work for another 500 tree guards is in progress at Zenitex facility. We appreciate the participation by the engineering team at Zenitex which has taken up this chore wholeheartedly and are making the tree guards in-house completing it by welding and painting the same, thus, it produces a quality product at reasonable price, which is an imperative factor for such a long campaign. Zenitex has thanked the donors, who donated for the tree guards and have welcomed such gestures from likeminded people who would want to participate in these campaigns in any way they can.

For the upkeep and watering of the newly planted trees, Giants Group of Maroli, have taken up the responsibility to overlook the same and assure that the trees are safe and nurtured well. Same way Youngsters led by Daxesh Patel also Member of Giants Group Maroli and Principal of Daanti Gaam School, will be taking care of the trees planted in the school in Daanti Village and around. Daxesh Patel has pledged his support for watering the trees through his personal Water Tanker everyday. Such gracious acts are the need of the hour.

This campaign is a live example where kids, youngsters and elders of the community come together to support a universal cause. Trees are the life line of human existence. This is being ably understood by the kids, youth and elders alike throughout the campaign. The prime motive of this campaign by Hearts@work is to spread awareness amongst the masses towards the importance of trees in our lives and to implement the famous quote by the Founder of Hearts@work and CEO of Zenitex, Mr. Viral Desai, that “If you take care of Nature – Nature has its own way of giving back in Abundance…”. Moreover, he also stated that “We would be more than happy if other industries and business houses join us in this endeavour of making Our Planet Green. If this happens, then, we can assure the future generations of a Greener Future!”

As promised Zenitex-Hearts@work is going ahead full steam with the campaign and their CEO, Mr. Viral Desai has gone on record to say that “With support like what we are receiving now, we are sure of reaching a magical figure by the end of one year of our campaign. We are getting a feel that this campaign will go much stronger than anticipated due to the selfless support from the communities”.

Further Mr. Viral Desai has thanked all the organizing members who worked at the below mentioned sites, i.e. the Youth of Maroli and Daanti the village community, Giants Group Maroli, Gateway Ladies Club, Surat and Team Zenitex-Hearts@work members for their untiring service and support which made this event a success.

List of Types of Trees Planted :
Sweet Water Trees -

• Rajasthani
• Bankam
• Pilto Palm
• Gulmohur
• Asopalav
• Rain Tree
• Kashid
• Neem
• Piplo / Banyan tree

Salt Water Trees
• Kajelia
• Karanj
• Bengali Bawal

Fruit Trees
• Aamli
• Aamri
• Jaambu
• Badam
• Guava / Jamrookh

Site No. 1 : Mahuvar Prathmik Shala, Maroli
Site No. 2 : Mahuvar Gaam – Talaav, Maroli
Site No. 3 : Mahuvar Gaam – Temple, Maroli
Site No. 4 : Chawda Society, Maroli
Site No. 5 : Machchiwad Road, Maroli
Site No. 6 : Daanti Gaam – School
Site No. 7 : Daanti Gaam – Main Road
Site No. 8 : Daanti Gaam – Cricket Ground

Thanks & Regards
Team VIRAL DESAI-Hearts@work
– A Zenitex Initiative


"Clean India - Green India Campaign : Project - 2"


17th June 2016, Friday


Maroli, Navsari District, Gujarat, India