Hello and welcome to my website,

Here I share personal information about my life and my beliefs. Life travels with a non-profit and business organization; books, websites and other media endeavors; and my personal services.

This website will give an insight to my life, which literally is an open book with many episodes and occurrences still to be written. Believing that transparency is a necessary step in our quest to express our truth, bring ourselves closer, fulfil our desire for unity under common humanitarian purpose and together create the future we wish to live in. I sincerely wish that my website will help us get one step closer to the aforementioned objectives. Please, do contribute a few minutes of your valuable time to browse, comment and suggest as you see is right on this website.

Existence of this website reflects my eternal desire to connect with like-minded people and those who are inspired enough by my efforts to consider combining our skills and knowledge to co-create a better world and brighter future. I hope this website inspires others to express their own interests and passions and to elevate their personal mission to a higher level.


To be Viral Desai, Whom, the world should know as a “Change Maker”, irrespective of their Caste or Creed, Skin or Breed, Kindness or Greed and either they are Happy or Grieved. The “Change” should come to all of us, who believes in themselves, who can trust their instincts and promote the good deeds, to improve the worsening living conditions of millions – and Change it to Worth a Living.

Today wherever myself have reached is the result of the blessings of The Creator, everything is linked to each other is my staunch belief. It is defined as below I try to explain in the below diagram.

The Thought.

First comes the thought. You generate it with your intentions. A good intention will always give you a positive vibe. You feel the presence of a super human power wave within yourself. This is the 1st step.

Forming the Team

You gather the workforce. Different people for different acts, who will shape your thought in to a reality. When, you find them and agree with your thought process, then, they become your TEAM.

The Brainstorming

Then begins the brainstorming of your idea, your thought. You share in detail with your team. You nurture them with your vision and philosophy. Everyone participates. They share their experiences, notions, opinions and viewpoints. Finally the chart is ready.

Plan Execution

Every member of the team put in their efforts and plays their parts to the best of their efficiencies. The thought is then realized in to reality.

Now is the time which makes the heads turn.

This is what everyone notices. Nobody is there to see the struggle, they are there to see the Success. The effort gone behind it, is not considered. This is what is called Success! You get success after executing the above 4 steps in time, in tandem and in true spirit and with worthy intentions. Everything is related to each other in one way or the other. We all are connected via the powers of the universe, it is what we think and what we do affects the functioning of the universe.

Being a Gemini, Change and Freedom are the most important aspects of my life. I believe in Change to bring in Freedom. Freedom can be expressed in all facets of our lives. Free to breathe Fresh Air, Free to drink Fresh Water, Free from Diseases, Free from any kind of Discrimination, Free to Help people in Need and on and on. These Freedom can only come with Change; Change of Hearts, Change of Mindsets; Change of Words; Change of Actions and most importantly Change of Attitude!

My business related experiences may best be described as confident with a hint of success and a dash of grounded logicality! My road to entrepreneurial and business endeavors started early with an MBA Degree in Marketing Management and becoming CEO of Zenitex Mill Pvt. Ltd. at the age of 25, winning a lot of awards and recognition for my efforts towards Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection and Community Welfare. Now preparing to take my work to the next level by launching a Premium, Magical, Garment Line, which will be launched online, and a percentage of the profits would go to the Charitable Foundation Hearts@work, which again is “My Baby of Change” and a Zenitex Group Initiative.

Even with this list of awards and recognitions, I have kept my feet firmly on the ground, because, one should be careful and take one step at a time, as lifting both your feet off the ground would result in a disastrous crash. Being humble is being truthful to the facts and it is the kneeling down in front of the Creator who has blessed me with whatever I possess today. I believe that, one should always be connected to Nature. We should take care of Nature and Nature has its unique way of giving it back. These are called miracles and they make unbelievable tales.

With Noble and sometimes unimaginable desires and the only expectation from mankind being able to see one day, when if not all, but most of fellow human beings would be living in a world, which is Green, Which is Fresh, Which is Free from Diseases, Which has changed the stubborn selfish mindsets and where Freedom is actually Free.